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8 Things Only a Work-at-Home Parent Understands

by VonJobs on Nov 15, 2019

Over 100 new companies have been added to JobsHome client's list this pass week. These hiring firms are looking for dedicated virtual assistants to perform a number of tasks including data entry, typing, research, writing, customer service, accounting and programming. Join and apply today to be the first in line.

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Trying to Create a Powerful Resume? Learn What to Avoid

by VonJobs on Nov 15, 2019

Resume experts usually put extra emphasis on the formatting and presentation of a resume. However, the most basic resume can have the same impact as one with all the bells and whistles if you follow a couple rules.

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How to Create an Effective Resume

by VonJobs on Nov 15, 2019

There are dozens of items you can add to your resume, but the focus should be on the stalwarts which include the summary, education and work experience.

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