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8 Things Only a Work-at-Home Parent Understands.

8 Things Only a Work-at-Home Parent Understands

8 Things Only a Work-at-Home Parent Understands

Work-at-home parents have to contend with a lot of issues that working parents and single virtual assistants do not have to worry about. There are many pros and cons associated with working from home, but parents that work from home face a multitude of challenges that make it harder for them to do their jobs.

1. Kids that never sleep!

When you're trying to work and want some peace and quiet, it seems the kids cannot be put to sleep. It's this weird dynamic that happens when you need something the most, it never happens and when you don't, it magically happens. Your kids not sleeping means you will get a lack of sleep and be even more tired the next day.

2. Postponing duties and chores!

People working from home have to postpone everyday duties and chores until the next day because work takes up all their time and attention. Former housewives or "househusbands" know this too well, they always had enough time in the day to get most of the things done but now you're happy if get anything done.

3. Never having enough time in the day!

When you're working early in the morning, you think you have all day to get stuff completed. And before you know it, it's late afternoon and then night time and you are wondering where this whole just went. When your attention is occupied, you lose track of time when working from home.

4. Being too tired to perform the simplest tasks!

If your job is not working construction or landscaping, people believe you should not be tired. Most forget working at a desk all day can be just as tiring and stressful and at the end of the day, a simple task or chore is just too much.

Work-at-home parents have to do two jobs at the same time
Work-at-home parents have to do two jobs at the same time.

5. Having to constantly multi-task!

You can never do just one thing while working from home because you have to perform your job and also do other household stuff that is unavoidable and cannot be put off until later. You are perpetually doing two things at once all day whether, you want to or not.

6. Unable to keep your home or life in good shape!

One of the most neglected thing is the home and daily or weekly chores that take longer to get done. Parents are forced to make do with an unkempt home until you get some free time off to do a proper cleaning.

7. The unending series of noises and distractions!

Most work-at-home employees prefer a calm and quiet environment to get their work completed. However, that is not possible with parents that work from home because they have to contend with kids, electronics, calls and visitors.

8. Lastly, thinking it was supposed to be easier to work from home!

I know many people who want to work from home believe it should be easier and happier to work at home. But this is not always the case because the benefits of working in your home may not match the benefits of working at a company. The primary benefit of telecommuting is the ability to make a living a few feet from your bedroom, but problems will arise and how you handle them will help you make working virtually a success.

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