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Trying to Create a Powerful Resume? Learn What to Avoid.

Trying to Create a Powerful Resume? Learn What to Avoid

Trying to Create a Powerful Resume? Learn What to Avoid

Resume experts usually put extra emphasis on the formatting and presentation of a resume. However, the most basic resume can have the same impact as one with all the bells and whistles if you follow a couple rules.


A few spelling errors will not stop you from being hired by an employer, but if there are too many it can make the resume unreadable. Always proofread and double check your resume to keep the errors to minimum. Make sure your dates of employment and contact details are correct so hiring managers can contact you or verify your experience and education.

Long Resume

The length of your resume is also not an issue that would cause an employer not to choose you for a job, but a short resume has a 90% chance of being read in it's entirety. Job seekers who have long work histories, accomplishments and degrees are usually create resumes more than four pages long. We recommend a resume no longer than two pages. If you have an extensive work history, you can include detailed job descriptions with the most recent positions and just enter the basic information for the remaining positions such as job title, company name and dates.

Short Descriptions

Most candidates just enter the basic duties they were assigned on their job. We suggest giving a precise and detailed description of all the tasks performed on the job no matter the insignificance. Always include any key accomplishments made during your employment. Even though you don't want the resume to be too long, you don't want it to be too short either so include as much information as you can in an condensed format.

Avoid common resume mistakes to make a good impression
Avoid common resume mistakes to make a good impression.

No References

A lack of references will decrease your chances of being hired by 80% in some cases. Providing as little as one reference can be very helpful. Omitting references brings suspicion from employers on the reasons why they are not included. Showing references makes you seem confident with the ability to have former supervisors and teachers confirm your qualification and attributes.

There are many issues to avoid when trying to make a powerful resume, but pay attention to the most lethal ones because they can determine whether you get hired or not.

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