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How to Create an Effective Resume.

How to Create an Effective Resume

How to Create an Effective Resume

There are dozens of items you can add to your resume, but the focus should be on the stalwarts which include the summary, education and work experience.


The objective is called the heading of your resume after your name and contact information. The objective lets an employer know what type of job you are seeking. An objective can be combined with the summary to avoid redundancy and to give a potential employer a more in-depth look into your background and skills. An objective is not required especially if you plan on including a summary in the resume.


The summary of your resume is a professional profile and contains all your experience, education and skills in a condensed format. A summary is highly recommended for those who have an extensive or long work history. Most candidates list a brief explanation of their skills, experience and education in this section to give the employer an overview of your resume. Employers will usually make their determination on whether to keep reading or discard a resume based on what is in the summary. We suggest you create a profile that is attention getting and one that will entice an employer to continue reading.


The education section is usually a mandatory part of a resume. If you only possess a high school diploma, it may be best to omit the education area altogether. We only recommend including your education if you have a higher or advanced degree especially in the line of work you are interested in performing. We suggest adding any certifications, special classes, hobbies and extracurricular activities in this section. You can never have too much education and taking special classes or refresher courses lets an employer know you have initiative with the willingness to learn and stay up to date on the newest technology to perform the job at the highest level.

Creating a good resume is crucial to getting hired
Creating a good resume is crucial to getting hired.


The experience section is the most important part of your resume because it lists your past work history and duties. For those with a limited or no work history, we recommend including volunteer work, care taking or household duties to fill in the space. Many people are surprised what accounts for work experience. You don't have to go to a company and work to gain pertinent job skills. If you volunteer, this can be used as experience for job. If you do your family taxes or balance books, it can be used as experience. If you are taking care of a loved one, this can also be considered experience for employment. Be sure to provide as much information about your duties or tasks as you can, one line explanations are usually a turn off for hiring managers.


References are not required, but we recommend adding them if applicable. Providing an employer with references lets them know you are not wary of them contacting previous supervisors or employers for verification.

Although, there are other parts of the resume that can be included to increase it's effectiveness, we suggest paying special attention to the ones above first and foremost to achieve the best results.

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