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Will the specialist work weekends and holidays?
Yes. Companies post new job openings every day of the year. If they don't stop, we can't either. A few minutes is all it takes for a job seeker to miss out on a great job offer so our specialists must be alert and ready. When a new position is posted, we have to act quickly to provide the best chances of success.

What industries and careers do you specialize in?
We cover all major industries and careers. Our specialists are experienced with helping clients find a job in over 1200 industries. From administrative assistants to information technology professionals, we are able to locate opportunities for all career levels from inexperienced students to educated executives.

Who will contact me if I am hired for a job?
The employer will contact you directly by phone, email or other preferred method of correspondence. You do not have to go through us to get in contact with a company and the company does not have to contact us first. We will send the customer and the employer all the details required for direct contact.

What is guaranteed placement?
Guaranteed placement is a pledge and a promise we make to every customer that uses our services to help them find a job. We guarantee our specialists will continue to search and forward career opportunities until you are successfully employed. Learn more about our guarantee.

Are the companies reputable and trustworthy?
Absolutely. Every company will have a web site address, physical address, phone number, email address or other contact method for direct correspondence. A majority of the companies have been in business for an average of 15 years and have excellent reputations.

How will I be paid?
Most firms use online money transfer services like PayPal or direct deposit into a bank account to send payments. Candidates can request the best method to use for payment. If you are wary about disclosing your bank account details, you can opt to receive payments by check or mail.

How are taxes handled?
You will most likely be an independent contractor which means you will have to handle and file your own taxes at the closing of the year. A 1099 or W-2 form will be sent to you at the end of the year and this information is what you will use to file your taxes. We also have tax specialists on call and ready to help candidates with any issues they may have concerning tax forms and filing.

Do the companies provide benefits?
There are some firms that will hire you on as a regular employee with all the benefits that a regular employee receives. However, most companies do not provide any special benefits to their independent contractors. Health insurance, dental insurance, social security and retirement benefits have to be handled by the contractor.

Can I choose what jobs I want?
Yes you can. When we send you a job, you can choose to accept the job and submit a resume or decline it and our specialist will find you another one. You are under no obligation to apply or perform a selected job.

What is your success rate?
We have a 82% success rate for finding our clients a job which means 82% of our clients have found a job and are currently employed. The success rate is high because of our guarantee that ensures that everyone that joins us will find a job. Our staff is dedicated and committed to making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the services we provide.

How long will it take to find a job?
The amount of time it takes a candidate to find a job depends on many factors. The main one is the candidate and the amount of experience he/she has and the type of position he/she is seeking. Certain jobs take longer to find than others.

Jobs with low competition such as technical positions are going to take less time to find than jobs with higher competition like administrative positions.

Why is there a fee for this service?
Our fees are primarily for administrative costs incurred by our staff while helping clients find a job. Thousands of employers use our service to find virtual assistants every year, however not all of the jobs are a perfect match and often require experience, skills and qualifications our candidates may not possess which means people have to be hired and paid to locate the right positions for our clients.

What is a job finding specialist?
A job finding specialist locates postions for job seekers. Each virtual assistant is assigned a dedicated job finding specialist. The specialist will work with you one-on-one to determine your career options and the best and fastest methods to success. All of our specialist have more than 10 years of experience in recruitment and staffing. They know what employers are looking for in a candidate and will find the right jobs for your experience and qualifications. Your dedicated specialist is available 7 days a week and can be contacted via email, live support or SMS if permissible.

What are the minimum requirements?
Candidates must have a high school diploma. If you are a student or stay-at-home mom with no experience, you can still use our services to find a job. The less experience and education you have, the harder it will be to find a position. Candidates are competing with professionals with years of experience so every little bit counts when looking for a job. Something as simple as taking an online course or attending a class is a major advantage in today's job market and can help a job seeker land the job.

Where are the companies located?
We receive jobs from companies from all over the world. A majority of the firms are based in the US, but hire candidates living anywhere. There are no location requirements for the candidates applying for the positions since the jobs can be done remotely and virtually. As long as you have the home office basics, a computer and email access, you can work for any employer no matter where you live.

How are man hours tracked and how do you guys determine when they are used?
We spread the hours out throughout the week, usually Monday - Saturday. The specialists are assigned a specific time each day to actively search and contact employers about potential positions. The specialists also receive job alerts every day and if a match is found, they verify the position and contact the client immediately.

How are the remote positions found? Do the specialists search the internet or connect directly with active employers?
Our specialists do both. Remote positions are posted in numerous places such major job boards, local classified ads, online directories and hundreds of other sources. We rely on job alerts and feeds to limit our search time so we can put more attention into contacting employers and hiring managers. VonJobs also has a database of over 3,000 existing employers we contact that have previously or currently hiring remote workers.

What if a scenario happens where you guys find a job for me and after a week I see that it isnt a good fit, would I have to join and pay again in order for VonJobs to continue searching?
When a client is hired, they will receive a 6-month grace period. The client will be monitored for six months. The terms of the grace period will allow a client to use our services again to find another job if the initial job does not work out or if they just require an additional job. The client will not have to pay again and the terms and conditions will remain the same.

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