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FINALLY! a company that knows what they are doing. I have never seen so many REAL and HONEST jobs and opportunities before. None of the jobs you sent me required any money up front and were all actually hiring, which I think is great. Thanks alot! You stuck to every word you said and I will never forget this.

Becky S, Rhode Island


James N, Florida

Thank you very much for your help. I see many potential employment opportunities already. It is nice to know that there are people out there that can assist you when you need it. Thanks again for all your help!

Richard R, Mississippi

Thanks for moving so quickly. I have received a response from Lisa Heaker at Seka Comp and they are planning on hiring me next week. I couldn't believe that I heard from someone this quickly. Just wanted to say thanks for working so quickly.

Frank H, Virginia

I purchased your placement service two weeks ago and I am going to start my new home job on Monday. I have never received the kind of help you provide from any other group. Thanks! for all your help.

Marianne G, Michigan

You probably already know this, but I emailed you to say that I have found a job and to give you a compliment. It's a very good job and it pays well. I would also like to say that you guys are the best and you have proved me wrong about home work.

Buria N, California

Guess what I got the job that you found for me. I cannot begin to tell you how happy you have made me. I will stop now before I begin rambling on and on I am just sooooo happy. You are INCREDIBLE!

David R, Oregon

I lost $200 on scams and when I came across your company, your information was good, but I was determined not to be scammed again even for a couple dollars. I am no longer wary of you. All of the jobs you sent me were updated and real. I have already received two responses from companies.

Linda D, North Carolina

I can't believe this! i have been trying to get a home job for a year now. Even when you contacted me, i was still not convinced that i would get the job because i have searched for a year with no luck. Now i am finally working at home. Thank you so very very much. You do not know how much this means to me.

Beckey H, Florida

Hello, I joined your Services about a month ago. As you may already know, I found a job. I just wanted to say I think the service is excellent and I really appreciate the updates that you continue to send letting me know what's going on. Thank you very much for all your help.

Samantha J, Pennsylvania

Thank you a million times. I am so excited about this. I should not have have thought twice about joining you. It has been less than two weeks since I joined and I already found a job. I didn't believe this at all, you really surprised me and you did as you say you'd do. Wonderful.

Darlene T, Nevada

I would like to thank you for providing an honest legitimate opportunity for people looking to work at home. Thank you for offering such a great service that is helping so many people.

Meredith F, Wisconsin

Wanted to let you know that I did get some part time telecommuting work from a company called Sernic Business Group making PowerPoint Presentations. After they checked out my references, interviewed me, and liked what I had to offer, it gave them the intuitive to hire me as an independent contractor from your list. Thank you so incredibly much for this!

Gary H, New York

Guess what? I have already located a position. You're the one company who has stood by me with integrity in finding me work and for that I thank you so very much! I'll gladly join your services again if I ever need employment again. Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!

Gwendolyn A, Texas

Why is it that I can't find companies like yours first. I was joining scam after scam until I found you. I told Anne earlier that I have already located a position at home doing Data Entry. Please put me on your testimonials, i want everyone to know what you have done for me.

Bridgett F, British Columbia, Canada

Angela, I got a call back from a company that viewed my record in your database, they were hiring for data entry positions and they hired me immediately after checking my references. I would love to write more, but I am just too happy right now. You're providing a very valuable service and I really appreciate it!

Lucy B, North Carolina

Hi, this is Tammy, guess what I was contacted about a job today. That was quick, you guys work fast. I wasn't expected to be contacted until later, you guys are fast, thanks.

Tammy W, Wyoming

This is not a question, I am writing this email because I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your patience in answering my questions. I love the fact that you answered every single question I asked, no other company I have contacted has done this. Your customer service is excellent.

Jhon L, Washington

Thank you so much for the resume...It looks great. I am very excited at the prospect of finding a job at home. I have been disappointed before with work at home type deals.... Your company sounds wonderful. Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Trina H, Georgia

I have at least two friends that wish to join up today. They are just waiting on me to send them information on how to sign up. By the way I have found employment in the process and I am looking forward to it. I will be a virtual email service rep for LiveOne(formerly iTelliservices). Thank you for all your help

Blenda F, Ohio

I wanted to tell you thank you so very much for the splendid resume you created for me. It wasn't easy I know, with all of the bulk of history that had to be sorted out. Thank you, again, for the resume. Also, thank you for the excellent, attentive, and prompt assistance that you have given me in my job search endeavours.

Jeannette S, Minnesota

Dear Angela Kane, I am impressed. I love the resume you sent back to me. I truly appreciate the resume that you have produced from my information, and the speed with which you responded to my input. I believe that this was a good choice for me to contact your company and I hope to be a part of the at home computer workers soon.

Nancy S, Illinois

I got a call back from AmeriCore today. They hired me as a full-time data entry worker. I would like to thank Angela, Anne and all the specialists for helping me locate work at home. I have tried other companies and searching on my own with no success for over 3 years. Your customer service is excellent and I will continue using your services.

Helinore E, Wisconsin

It has only been a month since I joined and I am extremely glad to let you know that I have located a job. I was hired this morning as an administrative assistant for a company in Illinois. My starting salary is more than I requested and I believe it was because of the assistance of HEA and the help on my resume. Your company is incredible and I want everyone to know what I got by using your services. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot.

Veronica O, North Dakota

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